Friday Favorites – Animal Edition

Today’s Friday Favorites post is animal-themed. It is no secret that I want a dog. In the past, I had craved a large-and-in-charge pup (think Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Newfoundland). Those expectations were scaled back a bit when I realized that I just didn’t have the space or yard for something that big, and probably wouldn’t any time soon.

As the years have passed, my wants and desires have changed and at this point I’ll take just about anything. That french bulldog with his giant bat ears? Want! The Yorkie staring at me with its silver and gold mane? Make it mine! The pug making googly eyes at me through the internet? Give it here! Seriously. Anything.

And because I still haven’t acquired a cuddly puppy, I seem to be making up for it in different ways. Any animal-themed home accessory I come across gets a swipe of the debit card. It’s not quite at DEFCON1 yet, but I have to watch myself to make sure I’m not turning into that crazy lady with stuffed animal “friends” covering every inch of my bed.

With that said, I do think that a few animal accents can really liven up a place and give a fun vibe to guests. Here are a few of my favorites… I promise, I don’t own them all. Yet.

2013-05-24 13.28.04

French Bulldog

I picked up this french bulldog at Z Gallerie in Beverly Hills. I didn’t even notice him on the shelf at first, but Numero Uno pointed him out (see why I call him that? He certainly earns his keep). I had to have him. And now he sits and guards our living room.

2013-05-24 13.24.34


I found this string-covered rhino on a trip to Target. He sneaked his way into my cart and then found a lovely home on top of our wine fridge. He is our Wino Rhino. Yes. I did that.

Bulldog Salt & Pepper Shakers

Somehow we started a collection of Pottery Barn bulldog paraphernalia that we’ve gotten through gifts over the years. It’s always fun to see what will come next. So far we have these salt and pepper shakers, a martini mixer, a “piggy” bank, a wine pourer, and a drink spout. (I swear, we’re not crazy).

Tentacle Candleholder

How cool is this candleholder? I saw this on the Anthropologie website and love that it’s such a funky design. The white color really tones it down and makes it a piece that could live anywhere in your home.

Cow Skull

Antler Skull Art

I don’t know what it is, but I am obsessed with skulls and antlers. Again, not in a direct way – I don’t need actual bones hanging around my place – but I love these modern takes on them. The silver piece is from Z Gallerie, which I am seriously coveting. I almost bought it the day I got the white french bulldog, but figured one animal piece was enough for the day. The second is a fantastic work by a Los Angeles-based artist, Parvez Taj. A lot of his art is created on reclaimed wood, which has an awesome rustic feel to it. Numero Uno and I just purchased a 60″x40″ of his Ocean Trails piece, which adds a huge pop of color above our couch. The skull is next on my list.

And now that you all think I’m a raging lunatic… I thank you and good night.

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