22 Things We Have To Stop Sharing On Facebook


Thought Catalog

1. Weirdly intrusive pictures of your children that you know damn well they would not want the whole world to be looking at if they had the choice/awareness about it.

2. Passive-aggressive posts about the problems you’re having with a significant other.

3. Even more passive-aggressive statuses about how you don’t really care what anyone thinks, even though you are clearly dedicating the energy to write a mini-rant on the subject in public view.

4. Racist and sexist memes you got from some terrible fan page.

5. Updates on a really banal meal that you’re eating because you have literally nothing else to talk about. (Hint: If your first reaction is to tell everyone that your re-heated pasta goes nice with some fresh greens, it probably means you should just take the evening off from telling people about your life.)

6. Humblebrags that are so clearly trying to be actual…

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