Friday Favorites – Wine Accessories

I have family and friends in town this weekend for mine and Numero Uno’s engagement party on Saturday evening. Tonight we’ll have everyone over for a relaxing barbeque and to spend time with those we don’t get to see nearly often enough! I’m sure several bottles of wine will be opened, so for those of you also enjoying the good stuff this weekend, here are a few of my favorite accessories!

We’re lovers of the red in this house. Especially so after a wine trip to Sonoma. The last vineyard on our trip was Truett Hurst, and there we discovered and sampled some lovely Zinfandels. We were hooked and joined their wine club, so now we receive 6 bottles of wine every 3 months. Their reds really are fantastic, but often need a little breathing room to open up and fully develop their flavors before drinking (like most reds). Pouring the bottle into a decanter prior to serving allows this process to occur. I’ve seen these come in all sorts of funky designs – even an antler-shaped one, but that may be a bit much, even for me 🙂

If you’re looking to get the same effect as decanting your wine, but don’t necessarily want to pour off the whole bottle (who am I kidding?), the aerator is your new best friend. This little tool serves the same function as the decanter, but at a much quicker rate. When wine is poured into the spout, air bubbles flow through it and helps open up the wine. It also seems to serve as a great party trick, as guests really seem to like to decant their own wine.

This white wine chiller is perfect for cooling down a bottle of wine if guests show up last minute or you’ve somehow miraculously finished off all of the bottles you’ve pre-chilled (how did that happen?). You simply throw some ice cubes into the stainless steel tube, pour your wine over top and in 15 minutes you’ll have perfectly chilled wine! The nice part is that you can refill the ice cubes as they melt, so keep the wine continuously cold.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Numero Uno and I saw this when we were registering for wedding gifts a few weeks ago. Onto the list it goes! Last weekend we went through 4 bottles of champagne at brunch, and somehow managed to not blow a window out. BUT how stressful is opening champagne?? With this tool, it’s a no-brainer. The cork gets caught well before any damage can be done. That’s a win in my book.

This was one of our best lucky purchases ever. When we moved into our new place, we knew that we would like to get a wine fridge. After looking far and wide, we had trouble finding something that fit our price point as well as the size that we wanted. One day I was pulling my car into our garage and saw that a man who lives in our building was putting a “for sale” sign on his beautiful 32-bottle wine fridge. I immediately snatched it up (he and his wife had re-done their kitchen and installed built-in wine coolers) for $75. 75 dollars y’all! Ours actually only has one temperature setting, but all you need to do is set it for 55F. Take reds out of the cooler 30 minutes prior to drinking and pop whites in your regular fridge 30 minutes prior to drinking. Easy peasy.

What are your favorite wine accessories? Tell!

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