Friday Favorites: Host/Hostess Gifts

It is always nice to bring a little something as a “thank you” to the host of a party that you’re invited to. Here are a few ideas besides the usual flowers or wine/champagne (tried and true for a reason!) to keep in mind so that next time you’re invited somewhere, you’re not scrambling around last minute for a gift!


This is a gift that Numero Uno and I got at our engagement party. The giver knew that I love to cook, so a nice cutting board and beautiful Wusthof knife were absolutely perfect. If you know what kind of hobbies your host enjoys, gearing a gift towards that theme will be a sure winner.


A really nice candle is a great gift. A new scent can always liven up a space and create an elegant feel. (Note: try not to burn scented candles while eating so that the scents do not throw off your tastebuds; wait until after the meal is over!). This Volcano scent from Anthopologie is a favorite in our house, and the jars make a pretty accent piece to boot.


These coasters from Crate and Barrel would make a great gift. The neon keeps the gift fun and au courant while still serving a much needed purpose during a dinner party. We picked up several sets and use them not only for drinks, but also under candle holders to catch any stray wax.


For a great gift for your male entertainer, The Art of Shaving has some great options. This starter kit comes with shave oil, cream, a brush, and after shave and lasts for about a month of shaving every day. They have all different size options, including a “carry-on” size with all products just the right size to take on a plane. Ladies – the sandalwood scent will leave your man smelling amazing đŸ˜‰ The stainless steel tools they offer are fantastic too. And ladies – extra bonus, now he won’t have to use your tweezers!


Finally, these pillows! They’re made by Cat Studio and you can choose from just about any state or city/locale of your liking. Pick one up to showcase your host’s current residence, where they were born, where they met their lover, or of a favorite vacation spot! We have the California pillow, but have been eyeing lots of others. These are super soft and comfortable and make a unique addition to any space.

What’s the best gift that you’ve ever received? What is your favorite to give?

Being part of a wine club has given us lots of wine that we love to give as gifts. The wine is great and represents a trip that we really enjoyed taking. A personal spin on a gift always makes it special!

One thought on “Friday Favorites: Host/Hostess Gifts

  1. The timing on this is perfect! I was looking for the name of the Anthropology candle Numero Uno used to buy for the Apt!!

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