Friday Favorites – Decorations

I’ve lived in a lot of apartments. Seven since college, if I’m counting correctly. And they all have had one thing in common. Bare, white-ass walls. Unless you do something to cover up some of that white, you always feel like you aren’t living in your own space. We have yet to check with our condo’s owner as to whether or not we can paint in our new place, but for now, we’re doing our damndest to make this place look like our own. So here are a few ways we’ve perked up the ol’ homestead.

Mask Collage

I love pieces with an international flare. They often add color and tend to be a good conversation starter. The mask in the bottom left corner, the red dragon on the bottom right, and the middle right-hand one are all from a trip my family took to Indonesia 13 years ago (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO???). The top right hand mask was a gift that we just received from my parents after their recent trip to Guatemala. The other two masks were ones that I picked up at World Market to fill in the collection a little bit. The only downside to purchasing items from the country they were actually made in verses at a local store is seeing the mark-up here in the US. Although I guess after flight and hotel costs….. details, details. We have these lined up vertically along a wall next to our fireplace.

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Friday Favorites – Animal Edition

Today’s Friday Favorites post is animal-themed. It is no secret that I want a dog. In the past, I had craved a large-and-in-charge pup (think Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Newfoundland). Those expectations were scaled back a bit when I realized that I just didn’t have the space or yard for something that big, and probably wouldn’t any time soon.

As the years have passed, my wants and desires have changed and at this point I’ll take just about anything. That french bulldog with his giant bat ears? Want! The Yorkie staring at me with its silver and gold mane? Make it mine! The pug making googly eyes at me through the internet? Give it here! Seriously. Anything.

And because I still haven’t acquired a cuddly puppy, I seem to be making up for it in different ways. Any animal-themed home accessory I come across gets a swipe of the debit card. It’s not quite at DEFCON1 yet, but I have to watch myself to make sure I’m not turning into that crazy lady with stuffed animal “friends” covering every inch of my bed.

With that said, I do think that a few animal accents can really liven up a place and give a fun vibe to guests. Here are a few of my favorites… I promise, I don’t own them all. Yet.

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